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Perth Trip 2013 : Part 5 : Kings Park

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Today is Saturday, Finally the weekend is arrived. Happy!

Kami bangun awal hari nie, semangat sangat lepas subuh, mandi dan terus bersiap.

Hari nie kita nak naik the free CATbus, yes it is a free bus service. At the bus stop we can check next bus traveling time. Very convenient and efficient too. Superb!

Bagi yang bawak stroller jangan risau, dari jauh dia dah nampak siapa passenger dia dan siap keluarkan ram ini. Dapatlah stroller or wheelchair naik mudah sekali.

Ini dia VVIP kita. Priority seats must be for kids n mums. Yeayy!



Its very early in Saturday morning, sejukk. Plus less hassle and less passenger on the bus.

Big mission today!!! Super excited :)
How to get to Kings Park by public transport?

Catch the free catbus. The Blue Cat circles around the western end of Perth city centre and West Perth, including Kings Park. It leaves every 15 minutes throughout the day.

Kings Park. The 406 hectares of natural bushland, parks and gardens are bordered by the suburbs of West Perth, Subiaco, Shenton Park and Nedlands.

Ohmaiii! Luasnya mana tahan nak jalan kaki nie!!!

Must see place in Kings Park are at the eastern edge (the Fraser Avenue precinct, War Memorial and Botanical Gardens) which is overlooks the Perth CBD, South Perth and the Swan River.


Let's go!

Pedestrian pathway.

Memang cantik sungguh view kat sini. Patutla crew Adam &Hawa shooting kat sini dulu. Eceh padahal tak tengok pun citer tue masa tengah meletopss dulu ;)

Morning is the best time for a walk or even picnic!

Enjoying the cool breeze air..

Admiring the beauty of the green garden... ;)

Penat ker Abang Arash???
 Mama macam dah tak cukup nafas nie jalan kaki berkilometer dahhhh.. ;)

Admiring the views of the Perth city.

Enjoying the beautiful  view of Swan River.

We can see CBD, Swan Bell Tower and Barrack St Ferry from here.

South Perth view and Fremantle train line by Transperth.

Family portrait by using self timer :)

 Monument and statue treasure hunt for kid is fun!


Along the Mount Eliza Rifle Range there are  assortment of statues, monuments and memorials are scattered randomly throughout the parks and gardens.

Ehh.. kenapa berlari pulak nie??

Monument statue can wait!

Tapi perut yang sudah ronggeng keroncong wajib diisi dulu! Berpeluh jalan nak sampai ke main center Kings Park ini, dahla salah naik red catbus, jauh kena jalan kaki 15 minit, melintas jalan bagai, kekenon honeymoon dengan anak 2.. kikiki, Apeda papa ;)

 Where is the cafĂ© or restaurant??

Breakfast at Fraser's Restaurant Kings Park Perth

What would we say, the views are wonderful. overlooking the city. The food was good. Delicious smoked salmon, paired with cheese and veggies only omelette and fluffy scone with cream cheese and homemade strawberry jam.

Sedap. Kenyang. Alhamdulillah!

Perut dah kenyang. Bolehlah kaki melangkah dengan penuh tenaga!

Memang cantik. Subhanallah. Rindunya :)

Tempat Adam dan Ain Hawani bertemu tue kat citer Adam dan Hawa. Ecehh. Konon la sangat.
Tapi memang romantic sungguh tempat nie. Must go place in Perth.


Alhamdulillah. Our happy family :)

The view of City of Perth from Kings Park!

Selfie MamaPapa Arash Amani @Kings Park, Perth :)

A stroll in the park, or a jog, is always an invigorating and entertaining activity.

Kings Park has miles of jogging and walking path with great view scattered along the way.

Yes we are nature lover.

Inspire your child to tap into nature. Nature is everywhere. You don't have to travel far and wide to find them. Just open the window.
Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for these beautiful journey.
Spending time in nature with our children is always a bliss.
Say, Subhanallah my dear babies when you see something beautiful :)
P/s: Sudah berapa lama memeram draft entry ini. Perth in our memories. #Prayfor MH370. To Him we belong. And to Him we shall return.

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