Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Month of Rememberence: Rasulullah loves us even more @ Genius Aulad

The celebration was held on 24.2.2012 and the parents was given a reminder to prepare the student with baju kurung for the girl n baju melayu of couse for the boys...

And mama keeps on promoting the celebration at our house for previous weeks before;) by solawat song n this sweet song We Love Nabee Muhamad by GA Talents.

Yes..its not easy for him to wear something special...haha..macam2 hal..

and on that day..he cried.."mama..tak nak pkai baju nie..arash nak pkai baju school (yeah..the school uniform as usual)"..

and mama got d idea..why not all 3 of us wear something special on that day.. baju kurungs for me and cutie Amani..;)

abang arash get ready to go t school..huhu...muka baru nangis:)

dah senyum skit..mama cakap its ok..smua kawan arash pkai baju melayu n baju kurung... 

all right mama..

see..still worried

amani steady jer kat belakang..ok good girl mama..sayang dier..behave sayang..

the mama..n baju kurung;)


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